The toolworks Petrograd (Петроградъ) was founded in 2008 in the glorious St. Petersburg city. Ever since our first workbench and hammer, we have been producing carpentry, woodworking and carving tools. Today, in 2019, the factory employs 14 workers, the production area has grown to 1000 square meters and includes: a carpentry shop, a metalworking shop, a forge, grinding area, a section for assembling, packaging and store of our products.


The first tools that came out from hands of our blacksmiths and locksmiths were scribe knives and carpentry chisels, then other tools joined them. Gradually, we increased productivity and range of our products. Of course we did not forget about the improvement of current products, many of them have a long way in testing by various carpentry and joinery communities.

Today we have over 450 tools in various categories:

  •     carpentry and outdoor axes, adzes
  •     carpentry and carpentry chisels
  •     carpentry and carving draw knives
  •     marking knives and gauges, awls
  •     tools for carving: knives, chisels, etc.
  •     workbenches, hand planes, moulding planes, mallets, saws
  •     abrasives for sharpening
  •     various pushers and templates

To 2021, we have established stable relations with craftsmen around the world, built up a strong dealer network and acquired excellent partners.
We are happy to be partners of such significant events as Workcamp Parquet (Czech Republic) and Alexander Grabovetsky's wood carving school (USA)

Playlist of products by Petrograd Toolworks:

Our highest goal is returning to the traditions of the instrumental artels, to increase the awareness and quality of Russian instrumental products in the local market and in the foreign community. In our sincere opinion, every joiner and carpenter should be able to have a high-quality, reliable and without a doubt a beautiful instrument of domestic production.

Dear Colleagues!
We are looking for sales dealers of professional tools.

Our conditions:

    uniform pricing policy
    sale from one piece
    large inventory
    advertising support
    technical advice
    warranty and post warranty service

For all questions please email us at [email protected]

Woodcarving drawknife PETROGRAD , u-shaped, 130mm

Flat U-shaped drawknife is designed for joinery, woodcarving, as well as for carpentry. Ideal for making Windsor chairs. Handles are in the same plane with the blade that allows easy control of the tool, and their direction at an angle to the cutting edge allows for less stress on the wrists.. The 3.5 mm thick blade has a straight cutting edge, made of carbon steel 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066) and hardened to 57-59 HRC. Handles 100mm long made of maple, impregnated with oil and reinforced with a brass ring. Blade length - 135 mm, width 20 mm. Sharpening angle - 30grad. Includes leather case to protect the blade. Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.


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Adze PETROGRAD, type n4, flat

Straight adze.

Forged tempered to hardness of 58-60HRc. The blade are made of spring steel 65 g (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066). The blade width is 74 mm. Total length - 450 mm. Weight - 1.1 kg.

The adze handle is made of maple wood and covered with tung oil and has a curved finish and is fixed on a wooden wedge.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia

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Carving set PETROGRAD, N14

Carving set PETROGRAD, N14
The set includes:
Carving knife PETROGRAD, Bogorodsky type, 155mm/40mm
Spoon knife, PETROGRAD, D 27mm, right-handed
Spoon knife, PETROGRAD, D 27mm, left-handed
Sharpening stone PETROGRAD, 120*15*15mm, 1000 grit
Textile 6 pocket Tool Roll, PETROGRAD, 360*260mm, for carving knives
Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.


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Shallow Hook Knife, PETROGRAD, type 3, left-handed

Hook knife is used for cutting out a hollow in a wooden spoon or scoop, as well as for other similar work. Shallow hook knife N3 has a water drop profile of blade. That's making it perfectly choose for cut wooden spoons bowl. The left version of knife is designed to work with the left hand towards yourself or right hand to outside.

  • Knife blade width - 12mm.
  • Hook cutter length - 235 mm
  • Handle length - 160 mm
  • Hook knife blade made from tool steel and hardened up to 58-60HRC.
  • All hook cutters are sharpened and ready to go.
  • The outerside of the hook is ring-shaped and perfectly polished. Thats allow you to cut wood cleanly and smoothly without scoring.
  • The handle of the hook knife is made of maple and coated with oil.

The right version of hook knife is designed to work with the right hand towards yourself, the left version - with the left hand towards yourself.
Made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

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Leather fingertip for woodcarvers

Leather fingertip is a thumb guard for wood carvers by Petrograd toolworks. Designed to protect hands from sharp tools. Thumb guard protects your finger from cut injuries when you are moving the cutting tool towards thumb, and prevents the formation of calluses when working away from yourself. Watch pictures for more info.

  • made of 2mm leather
  • easy to use
  • save you from injures

Guard has a special ring that prevents it from slipping during operation. The thimble was made of 2mm soft leather, which provides good protection for the toe.

Thumb guard was made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia

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Barking shovel N1, straight, 80mm

Straight staple shovel No. 1 with a straight edge, length 100mm is designed for removing thin or loose bark and other carpentry work. Also this tool is widely known in the professional environment under such names as debarking shovel, Swedish shovel, Black forest shovel, Barking Spud.
The hand-forged 6mm blade has a 30º angle and a hardness of 55-57HRC. Blade material - steel 65G. The 530mm long handle is made of beech wood and impregnated with oil. Handle diameter 34mm. For additional fastening, there are holes for fastening with screws or pins. Weight - 1kg, total length 650mm. The dimensions of the paddles in a batch may vary slightly. Manufactured in Petrograd (Russia).

All scraper blades are supplied with leather sheaths.

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Sharpening stone PETROGRAD, D80mm*20mm, 220/600 grit

Abrasive grain - silicon carbide. Bundle - ceramics. Hardness I ensures minimal wear of the stone during operation. When sharpening does not overheat the steel. Does not require the use of oil. Soak in water for 2-10 minutes before use. Used for sharpening and setting bevels.

High sharpening performance, second only to diamond, is ensured by the use of silicon carbide abrasive grains, which are notable for their sharpness and brittleness. The high hardness of carbide-silicon grinding materials allows you to confidently process not only carbon steels, but also hard alloys, which is impossible on stones made of electro-alumina powders. In addition to performance, it is worth noting the extraordinary tactile sensations when sharpening a tool. Stones quickly give a slurry and produce a very pleasant sound.

> Water stones PETROGRAD are distinguished by high performance and geometry in a state of delivery.
In the characteristic of a water stone are specified: the first letter - hardness (I, J - soft, K - average); Japanese grain size according to JIS R6001-1987 is 150 (80 microns), 360 (34 microns), 500 (24 microns), 1000 (12 microns), 2000 (6 microns) and C is silicon carbide.

Comparison of FEPA, JIS and GOST standards:

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Bevel edge chisel, PETROGRAD, model Volga, 26mm

Bevel edge chisel Volga. These chisels have a classic design with blades that are bevel-edged to a narrow land on each side, providing excellent clearance when trimming into an angled corner such as in dovetail work, as well as reducing sidewall friction when working in a tight recess.

  • blade lenght - 150 mm
  • blade width - 26 mm
  • blade is made of high-alloyed chrome-manganese steel
  • hardened to 59-61 HRc
  • basic edge angle - 25 degrees
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Bevel edge chisel, PETROGRAD, model Volga, 16mm

Стамеска ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, серия Волга, 16мм. Производятся шириной от 3мм до 50мм. Кованые стамески Волга спроектированы, ориентируясь на многолетний опыт мастеров-краснодеревщиков.
Форма лезвия имеет боковые скосы для работы в труднодоступных местах, например при доработке шиповых соединений и соединений на ласточкин хвост. Толщина лезвия переменная и увеличивается от РК к рукояти.
Полотно из инструментальной высоколегированной стали, закалено до 61HRc. Спинка столярной стамески или рабочая сторона выровнена на плоскошлифовальных станках. Стамески Волга производства фабрики Петроградъ заточены и готовы к работе. Заводской угол заточки 25град.
Деревянная рукоять выполнена из твердых пород древесины, усилена латунным кольцом для силовой работы с киянкой.
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