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Firmer gouge PETROGRAD 12mm

Special gouges with blackened blade, which tapers in hight. Forged blade is made of traditional Cr-Mn steel and is heat treated to 59 Hrc. Improved blade penetration into wood. Combination of the stained hornbeam handle, brass ferrule and improved griding of the blade creates unique design of the tool.

Отзывов: 1

Sharpening stone PETROGRAD, 200*70*20mm, 1000 grit

Water stones. Grain size: 150, 360, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 4000 grit. Size 200*70*20mm. Abrasive grain - silicon carbide. Bundle - ceramics. Hardness I ensures minimal wear of the stone during operation. When sharpening does not overheat the steel. Does not require the use of oil. Soak in water for 2-10 minutes before use. Designed for sharpening steels and hard alloys. Made in Russia.



Отзывов: 1

Carving knife PETROGRAD, Bogorodsky type, 170mm/40mm

Carving knives for general use, as well as for large material removal. Blade length 40mm or 60mm, rounded butt. A comfortable oval redwood handle is saturated with oil and covered with shellac. The length of the handle - 115mm. Excellent knife for both beginners and professionals. The 2.5 mm thick blade is made of high carbon steel hardened to 59-61 HRc. All the knives are sharpened and ready to go. Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.
Отзывов: 1

Adze PETROGRAD, half round N3

Adze N3 was created on the basis of samples of adzes from Sweden and Norway, whose house-building traditions have the same deep roots as in Russia

Forged tempered to hardness - 58-60HRc. The adze is made of spring steel 65 g (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066). The width of the blade is 75 mm. Overall length - 650 mm. Weight - 1.6 kg.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.

Отзывов: 1

Checkering tool complete C-1, 60°

Checkering tool C-1 has 1 pyramidal tooth. Angle top 60 degrees. All the cutters are made of steel, undergone the process of hardening and processing, for long and reliable work.
It is V-shaped with teeth on both sides. Checkering tool C-1 is designed for applying the original layout of the picture, as well as for deepening the grooves after their application, with other cutters.
The wooden handle is made of beech, well balanced and lies comfortably in your hand.
Pay attention to the high relief, providing fast and smooth cutting. The tines provide good removal of all hardwoods.
The cutter doesnt look like cutting - deep or shallow grooves, right or rounded corners, parallel lines or cross-hatching, in the direction of the fiber or across. No need to re-do the pass to treat uneven areas. Equal each element is obtained.

The width of the working part is 5 mm, the length of the working part is 11 mm, the apex angle 60 degrees.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

Отзывов: 1

Sash Framing Chisel, PETROGRAD, model Istra, 38mm

Forged carpentry chisels Istra with a straight cutting edge and a wooden handle, has designed for hard work. The basis for the manufacture of chisels Istra was taken the form of old Russian chisels from the old tools museum Rubankov, and also takes into account long-term experience in the development of professional carpentry and carpentry tools of other toolworks.

Carpentry chisels Istra are totally hand made at PETROGRAD toolworks of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

Отзывов: 1

Textile tool holster, PETROGRAD, 240*120mm

Textile tool holster. The size is 240x120 mm. One compartment, tied to the braid. Designed for storing tools: planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, chisels, knives and axes. Made of tent fabric, 100% cotton. The color and shape of the product may differ from the specimen.

Made in Russia

Отзывов: 1

Textile tool holster, PETROGRAD, 540*220mm

Textile tool holster. The size is 540x220 mm. One compartment, tied to the braid. Designed for storing tools: planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, chisels, knives and axes. Made of tent fabric, 100% cotton. The color and shape of the product may differ from the specimen.

Made in Russia

Отзывов: 1

Textile tool holster, PETROGRAD, 710*220mm

Textile tool holster. The size is 710x220 mm. One compartment, tied to the braid. Designed for storing tools: planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, chisels, knives and axes. Made of tent fabric, 100% cotton. The color and shape of the product may differ from the specimen.

Made in Russia

Отзывов: 1

Leather fingertip for woodcarvers

Rezchitsky fingertip, PETROGRAD. Designed to protect hands from mechanical damage. Protects your fingers from cuts when moving the cutting tool towards you, and prevents the formation of calluses when working away from yourself. It has a special ring that prevents it from slipping during operation. The thimble is made of 2mm soft leather, which provides good protection for the toe.

Production - factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD.
Made in Russia.

Отзывов: 1