Sash Framing Chisel, PETROGRAD, model Istra, 19mm

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Forged carpentry chisels Istra with a straight cutting edge and a wooden handle, has designed for hard work. The basis for the manufacture of chisels Istra was taken the form of old Russian chisels from the old tools museum Rubankov, and also takes into account long-term experience in the development of professional carpentry and carpentry tools of other toolworks.

The blade has forged manually from steel ШХ15 (USA analog is 52100, G52986, J19965; Germany  analog of 1.3505, 100Cr6, 102Cr6) and hardened to 61-63HRC. Carpentry chisels are intended for timber framing for processing deep grooves in logs and timber as an indispensable tool for the construction of frame structures in the style of timber frame, post-and-beam half-timbered, fachwerkhaus, Log house.

  • Chisel blade fastened to the handle with a conical socket.
  • The thickness of the blade at the neck is 11 mm, the thickness in the area of the descent is 7 mm.
  • The handles are made of ash and crimped with a stainless ring to harden the butt when working with a mallet or hammer.
  • Available in widths of 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm ( see full catalogue).
  • Blade length 340 mm, full length 470 mm.
  • The wedge-shaped blade prevents jamming in the wood.

Carpentry chisels Istra are totally hand made at PETROGRAD toolworks of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

Chisel Specification:
Weight: 0.55 kg
Type: Timber Frame Chisel
Steel: ШХ15
Handle material: Ash*
Handle lenght: 130 mm
Edge: Straight
Edge width: 19 mm
Blade lenght: 340 mm
Total lenght: 470 mm

 *material of handles may changes from batch to batch.

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  • gouge S-1 ( one cutting edge )
  • gouge N2-18, 60° ( two cutting edges )
  • gouge N3-18, 60° ( right router, left cutting edges )
  • gouge N4-18, 60° ( left router, right cutting edges )
  • gouge C-1, 60° ( one cutting edge )
  • Checkering gauge
  • roll bag for carving tools ( 6 pockets )
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Straight Gouge Rubankov, N7, 30mm

Straight Gouge Rubankov, N7, 30mm (1.18 inches)

Carving chisel "Rubankov" Straight Gouge N7, 30mm (1.18 inches). This is universal chisel that perfectly suits for carving hard and soft wood. The width of the cutting edge is 30mm ( 1.18 inches ). The total lenght of the gouge is 280mm (11.02inches ), blade lenght is 145mm ( 5.71inches ), the lenght of the handle is 135mm (5.31inches ). Made of alloy steel, hand forged and hardened to 59-61HRc. The comfortable and ergonomic oval handle is made of cherrywood ( may change) and coated with oil.

Gouge is sharpened, honed and fully ready to work out of the box.
This model is for hand cutting and can be used with a mallet.
Produced by PETROGRAD toolworks. ( Saint-Petersburg Russia )

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Leather Knife PETROGRAD, type 3, double bevel

Saddle knife PETROGRAD, model 3, double-sided sharpening. The saddle knife is designed for cutting and roughing leather. Can be used for straight cuts and trimming of leather. Semicircular wide blade with double-sided sharpening. RC length - 65mm. Blade width - 30 mm, length - 70-75mm, thickness - 1.7mm. The total length of the knife is 180mm. The grips are made of maple, covered with oil. Handle length 105mm. The blade is made of 9HF carbon steel, hardened to a hardness of 57-61HRc. The PETROGRAD tool is sharpened and ready to work. Complete with leather covers.
Supplied with covers to protect the cutting edge and from accidental cuts on the hands. Production of the PETROGRAD factory.

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Прибор для выжигания 'Тесла'

Прибор для выжигания "Тесла". Профессиональный выжигательный электроприбор "ТЕСЛА" предназначен для декорирования деревянной поверхности и выжигания на фанере, на дереве или фанере, коже и кости.

Комплект поставки:

  • Блок питания
  • Силовой гибкий кабель в оплетке
  • Две сменные ручки
  • Руководство по эксплуатации.
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