Straight Carving Chisel Rubankov, N1, 30mm (Allongee)

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Straight Gouge Rubankov, N1, 30mm (1.18 inches)

Carving chisel "Rubankov" Straight Gouge N1, 30mm (1.18 inches). This is universal chisel that perfectly suits for carving hard and soft wood. The width of the cutting edge is 30mm ( 1.18 inches ). The total lenght of the gouge is 280mm (11.02inches ), blade lenght is 145mm ( 5.71inches ), the lenght of the handle is 135mm (5.31inches ). Made of alloy steel, hand forged and hardened to 59-61HRc. The comfortable and ergonomic oval handle is made of cherrywood ( may change) and coated with oil.

Gouge is sharpened, honed and fully ready to work out of the box.
This model is for hand cutting and can be used with a mallet.
Produced by PETROGRAD toolworks. ( Saint-Petersburg Russia )

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Woodcarving drawknife PETROGRAD, m-shaped, 130mm

Flat M-shaped drawknife is designed for woodworking, wood carving, as well as for carpentry. Ideal for making Windsor chairs. Handles in the same plane as the blade allow easy control of the instrument, and their direction at an angle to the cutting edge allows for less stress on the wrists. The 3.5mm thick blade has a curved cutting edge, made of carbon steel 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066) and hardened to 57-59 HRC. This form of the cutting edge allows you to smoothly enter the material and control the cutting force. Handles 100mm long made of maple, impregnated with oil and reinforced with a brass ring. Blade length - 135 mm, width 20 mm. Sharpening angle - 30grad. Includes leather case to protect the blade. Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.

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Dead blow wooden mallet, round, 450 g

Dead blow wooden mallet, round shape. Mallets made by woodturning from solid wood with filling of metal balls (lead shot). Filling act as a weighting agent, and also reduce recoil upon impact. Mallet weight 450 gramm. Mallets made of beech wood and covered with tung oil. Round mallets used for working with mortise chisels and woodcarving chisels. It used when cutting joints and when carving large elements or sculptures (work from under the mallet).

Production of Petrograd toolworks. Made in Saint Petersburg Russia.

*blow without bounce

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Polishing Paste 1200 grit 180 g

Waxy polishing pastes in the form of a rectangular bar. Dimensions - 60x60x15mm. Granularity - coarse, medium and fine. Brown 1200grit Weight - 180g. Used for grinding and polishing on wheels, belts, etc. Perfect for hand-held leather bars Petrograd.

Ingredients: a mixture of grinding powders, binders and auxiliary elements kerosene, stearin, sodium bicarbonate, silica gel.

Made in Russia.

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Woodcarving drawknife PETROGRAD, straight I-shaped, 130mm

The flat straight drawknife is designed for woodworking, wood carving, as well as for carpentry. Handles are in the same plane as the blade that allows easy control of the tool. The 3.5 mm thick blade has a straight cutting edge, made of carbon steel 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066) and hardened to 57-59 HRC. Handles 100mm long made of maple, impregnated with oil and reinforced with a brass ring. Blade length - 135 mm, width 20 mm. Sharpening angle - 30grad. Includes leather case to protect the blade. Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.

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Leather Knife PETROGRAD, type 1, single stright bevel

Straight and flat leather Knife type 1 with a single bevel (up or right). This model has one flat side and one bevel side. It's simple knife for paring and skiving.

  • for straight cuts
  • for skiving
  • for paring

Flat Leather knife type 1 by Petrograd toolworks comes with a leather sheath. Edge is perfectly sharpened and ready to work out of the box.
This type of knives is used in handicraft, leather work, and shoemaking.

  • blade made of tool alloy steel 9ХФ
  • blade thickness - 1.7 mm
  • edge lenght - 40 mm
  • blade lenght - 70mm
  • handle made of wood *
  • oil covered **
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Shallow Hook Knife, PETROGRAD, type 3, left-handed

Hook knife is used for cutting out a hollow in a wooden spoon or scoop, as well as for other similar work. Shallow hook knife N3 has a water drop profile of blade. That's making it perfectly choose for cut wooden spoons bowl. The left version of knife is designed to work with the left hand towards yourself or right hand to outside.

  • Knife blade width - 12mm.
  • Hook cutter length - 235 mm
  • Handle length - 160 mm
  • Hook knife blade made from tool steel and hardened up to 58-60HRC.
  • All hook cutters are sharpened and ready to go.
  • The outerside of the hook is ring-shaped and perfectly polished. Thats allow you to cut wood cleanly and smoothly without scoring.
  • The handle of the hook knife is made of maple and coated with oil.

The right version of hook knife is designed to work with the right hand towards yourself, the left version - with the left hand towards yourself.
Made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

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Leather fingertip for woodcarvers

Leather fingertip is a thumb guard for wood carvers by Petrograd toolworks. Designed to protect hands from sharp tools. Thumb guard protects your finger from cut injuries when you are moving the cutting tool towards thumb, and prevents the formation of calluses when working away from yourself. Watch pictures for more info.

  • made of 2mm leather
  • easy to use
  • save you from injures

Guard has a special ring that prevents it from slipping during operation. The thimble was made of 2mm soft leather, which provides good protection for the toe.

Thumb guard was made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia

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Sharpening set PETROGRAD N6, for woodworking tools, 3 stones

Набор заточной ПЕТРОГРАДЪ N6, для столярных инструментов, 3 камня (рекомендован Ф.А.Бондаревым). Зернистость: 800, 4000 и 6000. Размер 200х70х20мм. Абразивное зерно - карбид кремния. Связка - керамика. Твёрдость I обеспечивает минимальный износ камня при работе. При заточке не перегревается сталь. Не требует использования масла. Перед использованием замочить в воде на 2-10 мин. Используются для заточки и задания скосов.  Абразивный камень Петроградъ Бриз #4000, водный камень на основе кварцевого зерна 3мкм. на керамической связке, имеющий в маркировке указание зернистости по Jis.
Камни 3000 и 6000грит производятся в  Япония, по заказу фабрики ПЕТРОГРАД. Ориентированы под наши размеры.

С марта 2016 года для брусков, выпускаемых под торговой маркой " Петроградъ" будет применяться новая маркировка характеристики.
Формат кода характеристики: "Материал"_"Зернистость"_"Связка"_"Твёрдость"

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Diy Prefab Houses by Beamer Will

A master's book with forty years of experience is a beginner's guide to building houses and other structures with a time-tested timber frame. The book describes how to build a house in a specific style, this style is called Timberframe.
Unlike modern frame houses, such structures have served faithfully for many generations. There is everything here to learn how to build durable frame buildings with your own hands.

The basics of design
Materials and tools
Clear and detailed step-by-step instructions
Photos and drawings illustrating each step of the construction.
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Vologda Knife, type 1

Нож рабочий ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, серия Вологда, модель N1 – это нож для резьбы по дереву, используемый в том числе при создании деревянных ложек. Производство фабрика Петроградъ (Россия).

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Cabinetmaking Corner Chisel, PETROGRAD

Стамеска угловая столярная ПЕТРОГРАДЪ. Используется для окончательной обработки пазов и углов 90 градусов. Отполированное полотно стамески. Производство фабрика Петроградъ (Россия).

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