Awl PETROGRAD, T-type, 80mm, twisted blade

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Шило ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, T-образное, 80мм, витой клинок. Силовое шило позволяет размечать центра отверстий и не сбиваться под воздействием волокон древесины. Клинок выполнен из углеродистой стали и закален до HRC 55-60. Его длина - 80мм, сечение 5х5мм. Форма рукояти позволяет упираться всей ладонью. Материал рукояти - из ценных пород древесины, покрыта маслом. Производство ПЕТРОГРАДЪ - (Россия)

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Apron RUBANKOV, textile, light-brown

Фартук Столярный Rubankov, тканевый. Длина фартука - 770 мм, ширина - 680 мм. Фартук надевается на плечи с крестообразным перехлестом ремней на спине, что обеспечивает плотное прилегание фартука к груди и не создает нагрузки на шею.У фартука три накладных кармана. Первый нагрудный карман с клапаном и фиксацией на кнопку для телефона ширина 90 мм длина 170 мм. Второй нагрудный карман для мелочей с 4 секциями для хранения карандаша, линейки, ширина 120 мм длина 130 мм. Третий карман для хранения мелочей или небольшого рубанка, рулетки или другого небольшого ручного инструмента. Ширина кармана 200 мм длина 190 мм. Одна петля под молоток. Лямки и поясной ремень имеют застежки и пряжки. Цвет фартука - бежевый. На фартук нанесен логотип Rubankov.

Материал - 100 % хлопок
Сделано в России

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Screwdriver PETROGRAD, 8mm*1.2mm*210mm, for plane frog

Frog Adjustment Screwdriver are important tool for hand planes with adjusteble frog. Adjustment screws are deep in constraction of hand plane and cant be reached by short screwdrivers. Screwdriver by Petrograd toolworks are designed and precisely made to comfortably work with adjustment screws of hand plane frog.

  • Scredriver blade made of 9XC tool steel (DIN - 150Cr14)
  • Screwdriver tip hardened to 56-58 HRc
  • Handle is made of sandwich containing two maple parts assembled on metal part with brass rivets.
  • Total screwdriver length 210mm (~8.3")
  • tip width 8mm (~0.31")
  • tip thickness 1.2mm (~0.05")

Frog Adjustment Screwdriver are hand made by Petrograd toolworks and idealy fit with a lot of chipbreaker screws of other famous manufactures. Made in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

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Carving knife PETROGRAD, skew type, 30 degrees

Производство - фабрика столярных и плотницких инструментов ПЕТРОГРАДЪ. Ножи-косяки с углом скоса 30, 40 градусов двухсторонняя заточка. Длина лезвия -  40 мм, ширина 13 мм, прямой обух. Удобная овальная рукоять из красного дерева пропитана маслом и покрыта шеллаком. Длина рукояти - 140 мм. Нож для широкого спектра работ. Лезвие толщиной 2,5 мм выполнено из стали 65Г с закалкой до твердости 59-61 HRc. Заточен и готов к работе. 

Сделано в России

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Textile 6 pocket Tool Roll, PETROGRAD, for carving knives

This tool roll is designed to store short chisels and knives in an amount of up to 6 pieces. The bag is made of black cotton fabric. The maximum tool length is 180 mm. The length of the tool roll in expanded form -360mm. Compartment for chisels has a strap - to close the cutting part of the knives. Lacing is provided for fixing the twist bag. Made in Russia.

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Timber Framing Chisel, PETROGRAD, model Vyatka, 25mm

Forged timber framing chisel PETROGRAD VYATKA 25mm (~1Inch) with a straight cutting edge  and a wooden handle has designed for hard work.
  • The blade is forged manually from steel ШХ15 (USA analog: 52100, G52986, J19965; Germany analog: 1.3505, 100Cr6, 102Cr6)
  • Chisels blade are hardened to 58-61 HRC.
  • Designed for perfect making deep grooves in logs.
  • The handles are made of ash and crimped with two stainless rings - one to prevent splitting wood near the handle, the second to harden the back of the bar when working with a mallet or hammer.
  • A leather pad between the chisel and the grip allows you to dampen the blows.
  • Available in 25mm, 38mm, 40mm and 50mm widths.
  • Blade length 300mm, full length 550mm
  • The wedge-shaped blade prevents jamming in the wood.
  • Max blade thickness - 11mm.
Timber framing chisels are totally hand made at Petrograd toolworks of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Saint-Petersburg Russia.
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Strop PETROGRAD, two-sided, 200mm*70mm

Double-sided bar with glued leather. The size of the bar is 200x70x25mm. It can be used with polishing pastes. Material - ash, leather - "reversal" 2mm. Skin color may differ from the image on the site. Made in Russia.

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Sharpening set PETROGRAD N3, for knives, 3 stones

Water stones. Grain size: 150, 360, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000. Size 15х15х120mm. Abrasive grain - silicon carbide. Bundle - ceramics. Hardness I ensures minimal wear of the stone during operation. When sharpening does not overheat the steel. Does not require the use of oil. Soak in water for 2-10 minutes before use. Designed for sharpening steels and hard alloys. Made in Russia.

To select and order an abrasive stone of desired grain size, click on the name of the product.


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Center finding dowel/tenon pin set PETROGRAD, D5 mm, 6 pcs

Center finding pins for furniture dowels. Diameter of punch: 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm. Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

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Outdoor axe PETROGRAD, model Roslavl X, staright handle

Outdoor axe. Overall length - 580 mm. Axe height - 175 mm. The length of the cutting edge - 165 mm. The axe is forged by hand from 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066) steel. Sharpening straight. Total weight - 1 kg. Includes leather case to protect the blade. The axe handle is made of maple wood, 500 mm long. The axe is perfectly balanced and is suitable for an enormous type of work, like a hiking axe, for small carpentry and carpentry works, and simply as a universal axe.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.

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Strop PETROGRAD, model 2, for carving tools, 200mm*70mm

The bar with glued leather is designed for finishing semi-circular chisels, drawknives, etc. One of the flat sides can also be used for fine-tuning of flat tools. The size of the bar is 200x70 mm. Min radius - 6.5mm, max. radius - 12mm. It can be used with polishing pastes. Material - ash, leather - reversal 2mm. Leather color may differ from the image on the site. Made in Russia.

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Carving chisel, PETROGRAD, V-type, 60 degrees

 Carving chisel, PETROGRAD, V-type, 60 degrees. It is intended for carving of medium-sized parts and small-scale detailing, it can also be used as a marking tool for “Checking” (notch on the butts). Made in 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066) forged steel. The handle is barrel-shaped, which allows you to securely and conveniently hold the chisel without tiring the wrist. Handle material - beech. Coating oil wax. The length of the handle - 140 mm, full length - 175 mm, width - 7 mm

Chisels are designed for both amateurs and professionals engaged in medium-sized products.
Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

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Dressing stone, PETROGRAD, 20*20*70mm

Slurry stone PETROGRAD # 4000, water stone based on quartz grain 3 microns. on a ceramic bond, having an indication in the marking of grit according to Jis.

Nagura # 4000 for surface correction and soaping
This stone is used to correct small irregularities after sharpening and leveling shallow scratches on the surface of the stone.

To fully enjoy your stones, use Nagura before and after work. It cleans the surface of the grinding stone, allowing you to keep it in working condition. Please use a bar with enough water.

Size is about 70*20*20 mm
Gross weight 45 g
Net weight 34 g

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