Workbench 1500*600мм, with slot , FV - York HV511, BV - York HV519

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Габариты верстачной доски - 1500х600 мм, толщина щита - 40мм. Обвязочная доска высотой 120 мм с соединениями на ласточкин хвост. На верстаке установлены передние Г-образные тиски (фронтальные) тиски и задние (боковые) коробчатые тиски . Передние тиски сделаны на основе металической винтовой пары  York HV511, ширина раскрытия -170 мм. Ширина подвижной губки передних тисков - 250 мм, высота - 120 мм, толщина - 60 мм. Задние тиски сделаны на основе металической винтовой пары  York HV519 с деревянной направляющей. Ширина прижимной части задних тисков - 120 мм, ширина раскрытия - 150 мм. Губки тисков и опоры подверстачья украшены легким узором. Край верстачной доски в районе задних тисков лежит вне плоскости ножек подверстачья, что позволяет зажимать длинные брусья и рейки в вертикальном положении. Для установки упоров в столешнице и в задних тисках просверлен ряд отверстий. В обвязочной доске с рабочей стороны также просверлены 4 горизонтальных отверстия под упоры. Диаметр отверстий - 19 мм. Для усиления подверстачья между ножками установлена дополнительная верхняя пара продольных перекладин. Материал верстачной доски - буковый щит, подверстачье и рукояти - массив бука. Столешница и подверстачье покрыты тунговым маслом Borma . Верстак необходимо устанавливать на ровную горизонтальную поверхность во избежание коробления и деформации верстачной доски. Высота верстака - 750 мм. Масса верстака - примерно 85 кг.  Габариты верстачной доски с тисками - 1682 х 986 мм. В конструкцию верстака могут вноситься небольшие изменения, не влияющие на его качество.Верстачные упоры в комплекте 4 шт. На все верстаки производства компании Рубанков можно установить дополнительные вертикальные тиски и опорную доску.  К заказу доступны 2 варианта комплектации: верстачная доска с подверстачьем и отдельно верстачная доска. Производство - мастерская Рубанков (Россия).

Верстаки выполнены из массива бука и могут иметь незначительные дефекты и пороки древесины не влияющие на эксплуатационные качества верстака. Также возможно незначительное изменение геометрических размеров в течении годового изменения влажности. При необходимости требуется профилактическое выравнивание верстака (примерно раз в год).


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Sharpening stone PETROGRAD, 200*70*20mm, 1000 grit

Water stones. Grain size: 150, 360, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 4000 grit. Size 200*70*20mm. Abrasive grain - silicon carbide. Bundle - ceramics. Hardness I ensures minimal wear of the stone during operation. When sharpening does not overheat the steel. Does not require the use of oil. Soak in water for 2-10 minutes before use. Designed for sharpening steels and hard alloys. Made in Russia.



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Checkering tool complete S-1, 90°

Checkering tool S-1 has 1 pyramidal tooth. Angle of the top is 90 degrees. The cutter has a convenient beech handle and a rod with a sharp bend perpendicular to the cutting axis and the working part installed on it. All the cutters are made of steel, undergone the process of hardening and processing, for long and reliable work.

It is V-shaped with teeth on both sides. Designed to handle corners and bends, as well as hard-to-reach places.

Pay attention to the high relief, providing fast and smooth cutting. The tines provide good removal of all hardwoods.

The cutter has not matter what cutting - deep or shallow grooves, right or rounded corners, parallel lines or cross-hatching, in the direction of the fiber or across. No need to re-do the pass to treat uneven areas. Every element is smooth and beautiful.

The width of the working part is 5 mm, the length of the working part is 5 mm, the apex angle is 90 °

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

Отзывов: 1

Carpenter Slick Chisel, PETROGRAD, model Onega, 80mm

Carpenters Slick "Onega" by Petrograd toolworks is one of best choices for Timber Framing joinery. Slick Onega is a fine combination of weight, balance and splendid sharpening and flatness. All that will give you an extraodinary feeling wile working with our carpentry slicks.

  • blade offset of handle
  • blade width - 80 mm
  • blade lenght - 300 mm
  • blade made of ШХ15 steel (USA 52100, G52986, J19965; Germany 1.3505, 100Cr6, 102Cr6)
  • hardened to 58-61HRc

The blade is hand forged and has off-set from the handle. This allows extra clearance when working on deep mortices or taking long paring cuts.
Made of ШХ15 steel our "Onega" slicks offer a perfect combination of hardness and toughness together with a razor sharp cutting edge.
The back side of blade (near handle) is rounded off to eliminate sharp corners giving extra comfort and security.

  • rased up handle
  • handle lenght 500 mm
  • handle made of ash wood
  • leather pad

All carpentr's slicks Onega comes with leather holster for edge protection. Every Blade is tested for hardness, sharp and ready to work.
This is a complete tool for timber frame joinery and othe heavy duty work.

  • full lenght - 820 mm
  • weight - 2.0 Kg
Slicks are made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia
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Outdoor axe PETROGRAD, model Roslavl VII, handle n11

Hand forged outdoor axe Roslavl VII with curved handle.

  • Total lenght is 370mm ( 14,57inch )
  • Height of axe is 140mm ( 5,51inch )
  • Lenght of cutting edge is 120mm ( 4,72inch )
  • Axe is hand forged from 65G steel (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066).
  • Curved cutting edge was straight sharpened.
  • Total weight of axe is 0,7kg  ( ± 0,05kg )
  • Handle lenght is 320mm ( 12,6inch) and it is made from solid mapple with right grain position.
  • The axe comes with leather case for protecting cutting edge.

Axe is well balanced and would be a good choice for a lot types of work. It will be great as outdoor axe, for small carpentry and othe woodwork projects. This is kind of universal axe for everyone.

Axe Roslavl VII produced by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Отзывов: 1

Sharpening stone PETROGRAD, D80mm*20mm, 220/600 grit

Abrasive grain - silicon carbide. Bundle - ceramics. Hardness I ensures minimal wear of the stone during operation. When sharpening does not overheat the steel. Does not require the use of oil. Soak in water for 2-10 minutes before use. Used for sharpening and setting bevels.

High sharpening performance, second only to diamond, is ensured by the use of silicon carbide abrasive grains, which are notable for their sharpness and brittleness. The high hardness of carbide-silicon grinding materials allows you to confidently process not only carbon steels, but also hard alloys, which is impossible on stones made of electro-alumina powders. In addition to performance, it is worth noting the extraordinary tactile sensations when sharpening a tool. Stones quickly give a slurry and produce a very pleasant sound.

> Water stones PETROGRAD are distinguished by high performance and geometry in a state of delivery.
In the characteristic of a water stone are specified: the first letter - hardness (I, J - soft, K - average); Japanese grain size according to JIS R6001-1987 is 150 (80 microns), 360 (34 microns), 500 (24 microns), 1000 (12 microns), 2000 (6 microns) and C is silicon carbide.

Comparison of FEPA, JIS and GOST standards:

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Marking knife PETROGRAD, model N5, arrow form

Marking knives  PETROGRAD have a swept blade that is sharpened on 2 faces, which makes it comfortable to use both right-handed and left-handed. One-sided sharpening. The 2.3mm thick blade is made of high carbon steel and hardened to 58-61HRC. The handle is made of curly maple and saturated with linseed oil. Before the blade on the handle made a comfortable stop to prevent sliding of the hand. The length of the handle is 170mm.Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.
Made in Russia

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Checkering set, type N1, 90°/16lines, 6 tools + gauge, in roll bag

Checkering Set N1 (90 degrees, 16 lines) includes 6 tools for making checkers on wood. Set of gouges with 90 degree cutters, this type is making more sharp pointed checkers that grants stronger grip.

Set number 1 includes:

  • gouge B-2 ( two cutting edges, spacer with tooths )
  • gouge S-1 90° ( one cutting edge )
  • gouge N2-16, 90° ( two cutting edges )
  • gouge N3-16, 90° ( right router, left cutting edges )
  • gouge N4-16, 90° ( left router, right cutting edges )
  • gouge C-1, 90° ( one cutting edge )
  • Checkering gauge
  • roll bag for carving tools ( 6 pockets )
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PETROGRAD Leather belt loop, type 2

Подвес на ремень для топоров Петроградъ, модель 2. Предназначен для фиксации топоров на поясе. Выполнен из натуральной кожи. Производство фабрика Петроградъ (Россия).

Отзывов: 1