Bevel edge chisel, PETROGRAD, model Volga, 8mm

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Bevel edge chisel Volga. These chisels have a classic design with blades that are bevel-edged to a narrow land on each side, providing excellent clearance when trimming into an angled corner such as in dovetail work, as well as reducing sidewall friction when working in a tight recess.

  • blade lenght - 150 mm
  • blade width - 8 mm
  • blade is made of high-alloyed chrome-manganese steel
  • hardened to 59-61 HRc
  • basic edge angle - 25 degrees

 Chisels are made focusing on the experience of old masters of woodworking. Comfortable handle. The handle at the junction with the blade reinforced brass ring.

  • handle lenght - 130 mm
  • overall length - 280 mm

Made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia.

bevel edge chisel Specifications:
Weight: 0.20 kg
Type: bevel edge
Steel: 9ХС
Hardness: 59-61HRc
Handle material: Ash*
Handle lenght: 130 mm
Edge: straight
Sharpening angle: 25 degrees
Blade lenght: 150 mm
Blade width: 8 mm
Total lenght: 280 mm
* material of handles may changes from batch to batch.
** coating oil may changes too

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