Workbench 725*260 mm, desktop, Milkmans workbench

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Leave wooden screws loose during storage and transportation to avoid warping and damage due to changes in humidity and temperature. European desktop workbench Milkmans workbench Dimensions: length 725 mm, width 260 mm, thickness 40 mm. Carpentry workbench made of solid beech, wood screws made of hornbeam and coated with oil. This model of a wooden workbench is perfect for a home workshop; it takes up almost no space during storage. Allows you to carry out carpentry projects, engage in woodcarving. For use, the workbench must be fixed with 2 clamps to any flat surface, for this there are 2 mounting holes with dimensions 35 mm wide, 14 mm high, 30 mm deep l (two types of clamps are suitable for this 1, 2
Design features: beech shield of our own production with symmetrically placed two rows of mounting holes for 19 mm tuning pegs. The workbench comes with 2 pegs (link to pegs). On the front side, the workbench has a number of threaded holes (4 holes) for installing clamp screws. The diameter of the wooden screws is 25 mm. A vise with a wooden screw and a 19 mm hole for pegs is installed at the end, the jaws of which are covered with leather pads to prevent jamming of the workpieces. The harness is assembled on a straight open thorn-eye and reinforced with a dowel made of hardwood.

To avoid cracking and deformation of the workbench, as well as breakage of wooden screws during transport, the screws have been removed from the workbench. Two short screws are simply screwed into the front holes. Before installing the long screw, it is necessary to unscrew two self-tapping screws from the cracker and remove two keys. Then screw the wooden screw all the way into the cracker and install the dowels back, tighten the self-tapping screws. Crackers and wooden screws are made to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in humidity. It does not affect working qualities and functionality, but prevents jamming of moving elements and unnecessary stress on the workbench.
The workbench (Milkmans workbench) is symmetrical, two planes are working, that is, it is convenient to use both left-handers and right-handers.
Additional features of the tabletop workbench:
The maximum length of the workpiece clamped in the pegs is 510 mm.
Dimensions of the workpiece clamped in a vice (cracker) - 125x110 mm.
Dimensions of the part clamped in a longitudinal vice with two screws - 375x50 mm
Design and execution by RUBANKOV carpentry master Sasin Vladimir Ivanovich.
made in Russia.

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Checkering Set N1 (90 degrees, 16 lines) includes 6 tools for making checkers on wood. Set of gouges with 90 degree cutters, this type is making more sharp pointed checkers that grants stronger grip.

Set number 1 includes:

  • gouge B-2 ( two cutting edges, spacer with tooths )
  • gouge S-1 90° ( one cutting edge )
  • gouge N2-16, 90° ( two cutting edges )
  • gouge N3-16, 90° ( right router, left cutting edges )
  • gouge N4-16, 90° ( left router, right cutting edges )
  • gouge C-1, 90° ( one cutting edge )
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  • roll bag for carving tools ( 6 pockets )
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Инструмент представлен линейкой штихелей с расширяющимся клинком с шириной рабочей части 27 мм, 38 мм, 43 мм. Имеют широкий спектр применения при резьбе, является одним из основных ножей в геометрической резьбе, а также удобен и востребован в технике резьбы Whittling. Штихели выполнены из стали 9ХФ и имеют рукояти из клёна, покрытые тунговым маслом. угол заточки - 20 градусов, толщина клинка - 2 мм.
Сделано в России.

Производство - фабрика столярных и плотницких инструментов ПЕТРОГРАДЪ

Отзывов: 1