Workbench 2160*600 mm, with tray, front shoulder vise HV511, side shoulder vise HV510

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The wooden workbench for carpentry, woodworking and joinery. It's a classic example of a workbench, which is known to everyone who had labor lessons at school in childhood (in Russia of course). The workbench is equipped with an G-shape front vise and a rear box vise. The frame board of the workbench has increased height and fixed by dovetail joints.

  • workbench dimensions - 2000x600 mm
  • bench top thickness - 40 mm
  • workbench height - 850 mm
The workbench is equipped with a front G-shape front vise and a box rear vise. The front vise is made on the basis of the York HV511 metal screw pair.

  • opening width -170 mm.
  • width of the movable jaw of the front vice - 250 mm
  • height - 120 mm
  • thickness - 60 mm
The rear vise is made on the basis of a York HV519 metal screw pair with a wooden guide.

  • width of the clamping part of the rear vise - 120 mm
  • opening width - 150 mm.
The vise jaws and underbench supports are decorated with a light pattern. The edge of the workbench in the region of the back vise lies outside the plane of the legs of the underbench, which allows clamping long bars and slats in a vertical position.

A number of holes were drilled in the bench top to install the bench stops - 10 holes, +4 holes were drilled in the rear vise. In the frame board on the working side are also drilled 4 horizontal holes for the stops. Holes diameter - 19 mm. An additional upper pair of longitudinal crossbars is installed between the legs to strengthen the underlay.

  • workbench material - beech sheet
  • underbench and handles - solid beech
  • top and underbench finished with tung oil
  • workbench weight - approximately 95 kg

On the features of the installation of a joiner's workbench.

The workbench must be installed on a flat horizontal surface to avoid warping and deformation of the workbench. Benchboard dimensions with vise - 2182mm x 986mm. Workbench height - 850mm. Minor changes can be made to the design of the workbench without affecting its quality.
Bench stops included 4 pcs. All workbenches produced by the Rubankov company can be equipped with an additional vertical vice and a support board.
Production - factory Petrograd (Russia)

Workbench Specification:
Weight: 95 kg
Type: Joiners workbench
Material: Beech
Front vise: G-shape
Rear vise: Box vise
Tray: with tray
Lenght: 2160 mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 850 mm

 *The workbenches are made of solid beech and may have minor defects and flaws in the wood that do not affect the performance of the workbench. It is also possible a slight change in geometric dimensions during the annual change in humidity. If necessary, preventive leveling of the workbench is required (about once a year)

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Hold Down Clamp, PETROGRAD, type 1, for workbench top < 50mm

Clamp for quick fixing of workpieces. The clamp is hand forged. To use it, insert it into one of the holes for the stops in the workbench tabletop and press down the workpiece. Depth and height of workpiece clamping 120 mm. The diameter of the clamping rod is 16-17 mm. The size of the clamp is 290 x 200 mm. Material - steel.

Production - factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD.
Made in Russia

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Beech bench dog, 4 ps

These round bench rests are made from solid beech and easily fit into a table or workbench with a 19 mm hole. The smooth surface of the stops makes them easy to fit into the hole. Stop length 50 mm, head: Ø 30 mm, height 15 mm, body: Ø 18.5-18.8 mm, height 35 mm. Includes 4 pcs.

Production - factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD.

Made in Russia

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Fan gasket for bench press

Fan gasket for bench press. Size 40x120 mm consists of 7 slats (4,5,5,5,5,5,10 mm). This simple device is designed to help prevent the vise from skewing and jamming by clamping the workpiece to one side of the vise. Just fit as many fan-shaped spacers as you need so that the thickness of the fan-shaped insert is approximately the same as the thickness of your part. When clamping parts with a thickness of more than 40 mm, it is recommended to use junk pieces of wood together with the fan to compensate for the skew. This keeps your workpiece securely in place and prevents the vise mechanism from skewing and jamming. The gaskets are made of various types of wood and have an aesthetic appearance.

Production - factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD.

Made in Russia

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carpentry Awl, 165mm, twisted blade 80*5*5mm, PETROGRAD

Carpentry power awl has a twisted square blade profile that allows you to mark the center of the holes and do not stray under the influence of wood fibers.

  • The blade is made of carbon steel and hardened in oil to HRC 55-60
  • Awl blade length is 80mm, the cross section is 5mm x 5mm
  • The shape of the handle allows you to abut the whole palm, compressed by a brass ring
  • Handle material - maple, impregnated with linseed oil
  • Full length 165mm

Carpentrs awl are produced at Petrograd toolworks. Made in Saint Petersburg Russia

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Carving adze PETROGRAD, type N1, half round, external bevel

Wood carving adze by PETROGRAD toolworks.

This adze was developed taking into account the wishes of artisans, as well as our experience in creating carpentry and carving tools. The carving adze is intended for chiseling the internal cavity when creating dishes (trough, broths, cups, bowls, plates, etc.), as well as for roughing the outer surfaces. Scope due to the size of adze.

Developed and designed carving adze - V. Sasin.

The ergonomic handle allows you to securely hold the tool during operation. Expansion at the end of the handle prevents slipping from the hand. The adze handle made of maple and covered with oil. Maple - one of the best wood for the manufacture of handles.

Hand forged blade from steel 65G (Germany 66Mn4, Ck67, USA 1066). Together with the handle has a mass of about 750 grams. Cutting edge sharpening angle - 30 degrees. The width of the working part - 40mm. Cutting edge bending radius - 20mm. If to speak it is applicable to the carving tool  - it is 9 profile.

The eye has a wedge shape. The adze handle slides and splits into 3 wedges.

Sharpening the cutting edge - chamfer outside. It is preferable to use this adze at the finishing stages, for stripping, for smooth formation of the transition from the vertical wall to the flat bottom.

Any carving adze can be used from the beginning to the end. With experience comes the understanding that all three models must be in the arsenal.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.

Made in Russia.

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Blank blade for moulding plane, `strip`, w/o sharpening, 10mm*180mm

The blank is made of steel 9HS (DIN - 150Cr14), hardened to 59-61 HRC.
All blades are wedge-shaped with a wedge angle of 0.5 degrees, which favorably distinguishes from others, and is ideal for wooden planes with wedge fixation.
Blade have two sides - one hard, one soft (production feature)
Absolutely every knife is tested with a hardness tester.
The solid side has 2 points from the diamond cone - the test, and the control test.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.


item item code shank width mm minimum shank thickness  mm flag length mm flag width mm flag max thickness   mm overall length mm
Blank blade for moulding plane, "strip", w/o sharpening, 10mm*180mm М00014997  10  3,2  - 10 4,6  180
Blank blade for moulding plane, "flag", w/o sharpening, 16mm*180mm М00015123  10  3,2 40   16 4,6  180
Blank blade for moulding plane, "flag", w/o sharpening, 20mm*180mm М00014666 10 3,2 40 20 4,6 180
Blank blade for moulding plane, "flag", w/o sharpening, 24mm*180mm М00014590 10 3,2 40 24 4,6 180
Blank blade for moulding plane, "flag", w/o sharpening, 30mm*180mm М00014667 10 3,2 40 30 4,6 180
Blank blade for moulding plane, "flag", w/o sharpening, 36mm*180mm М00015124 10  3,2   40 36   4,6 180
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Carpenter Slick PETROGRAD, model Onega, 60mm

Carpenters Slick "Onega" by Petrograd toolworks is one of best choices for Timber Framing joinery. Slick Onega is a fine combination of weight, balance and splendid sharpening and flatness. All that will give you an extraodinary feeling wile working with our carpentry slicks.

  • blade offset of handle
  • blade width - 60 mm
  • blade lenght - 300 mm
  • blade made of ШХ15 steel (USA 52100, G52986, J19965; Germany 1.3505, 100Cr6, 102Cr6)
  • hardened to 58-61HRc

The blade is hand forged and has off-set from the handle. This allows extra clearance when working on deep mortices or taking long paring cuts.
Made of ШХ15 steel our "Onega" slicks offer a perfect combination of hardness and toughness together with a razor sharp cutting edge.
The back side of blade (near handle) is rounded off to eliminate sharp corners giving extra comfort and security.

  • rased up handle
  • handle lenght 500 mm
  • handle made of ash wood
  • leather pad

All carpentr's slicks Onega comes with leather holster for edge protection. Every Blade is tested for hardness, sharp and ready to work.
This is a complete tool for timber frame joinery and othe heavy duty work.

  • full lenght - 820 mm
  • weight - 1.4 Kg
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Outdoor axe PETROGRAD, model Roslavl X, curved handle

Топор кованый ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, Рославль X, изогнутая рукоять. Топор Рославль Х отличается эффектной удлиненной формой полотна. Благодаря такой форме оголова топор можно брать хватом близким к полотну и не бояться повредить руку при работе. Изогнутая рукоять позволяет обеспечивает надежный захват. Плотницкий топор удобен при тёске и ошкуривании бревен. Также топор Рославль X отлично сбалансирован и подойдет для огромного вида работ, как походный топор, для не больших плотницких и столярных работ и просто как универсальный топор.

Производство - фабрика столярных и плотницких инструментов ПЕТРОГРАДЪ.
Сделано в России.

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Leather Knife PETROGRAD, type 4, right bevel

Ножи шорные ПЕТРОГРАДЪ.
Нож шорный предназначен для раскроя и шерфование кожи. Mожно использовать  для прямолинейного реза и торцевания кожи.
Комплектуются чехлами для защиты режущей кромки и от случайных порезов рук. Производство фабрики ПЕТРОГРАДЪ. 


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Stanley standart plane blade, PETROGRAD, 51mm * 2.5mm

Replacement blades for Stanley, Record and similar planers are designed to replace a worn blade or expand the capabilities of your tool. They allow replacing native knives on Stanley / Record planers, 4, semi-jointing planes 5.
The piece of iron is made of steel 9XC. Hardened to 59-61 HRC. Knife length - 175 mm, width 50 mm, minimum thickness 2.5 mm.
Each knife is tested with a hardness tester.
The hard side has 2 points from the diamond cone - test, and control test.
The manufacturer reserves the right to change the thickness and appearance of the knife without impairing the working qualities of the tool.
Knives for wooden planers are made at the factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD
Production - Russia

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PETROGRAD Basket Weaving Tool Kit, n1

For the manufacture of wickerwork from a vine: home furniture and containers for various purposes, such as boxes, baskets, vases and other various utensils. The vine is a natural plant material that can bend easily and keep its shape under normal conditions. Often the material for weaving is willow, rattan and bamboo.
All of the tools are pretty basic, simple, and affordable.
Knives are, of course, the main tools in weaving. But all other tools speed up and improve the quality of weaving, make products of higher quality. Knives are used in different shapes, with a good sharpening, thin blade.
Also, various awls are used to work with weaving. They are needed to work with rows. They allow you to move apart the rows and weave additional elements into them, especially with openwork weaving. The awl should not be sharp so as not to spoil the surface of the rods.
The rows are tapped with an yser or mallet.
The set includes:
Handicraft knife PETROGRAD, oblique sharpening 20 degrees, 20mm / 163mm, universal.
Curved awl for basket weaving D6mm.
Awl for wicker weaving straight D6mm
Mallet for weaving Ysere.
Handicraft knife PETROGRAD, oblique sharpening 60 degrees, 20mm / 187mm, universal.
Handicraft knife PETROGRAD, oblique sharpening 30 degrees, 20mm / 167mm, universal.
Bag-twist fabric, PETROGRAD, model 1, for cutting tools, 6 pockets.

It is also recommended to purchase pruning shears Shogun-355, length 210 mm.

Production of the PETROGRAD factory. Russia

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Petrograd Carbide Burnisher, type 1, d8mm*135mm

Наводка для цикль, ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, модель 1, рабочая часть D8мм*150мм. Предназначена для наведения грата на столярных циклях. Длинный стержень диаметром 8ии и удобная рукоять будут удобны при наводке как больших фигурных, так и прямых цикль.
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Marking knife PETROGRAD, model N5, arrow form

Marking knives  PETROGRAD have a swept blade that is sharpened on 2 faces, which makes it comfortable to use both right-handed and left-handed. One-sided sharpening. The 2.3mm thick blade is made of high carbon steel and hardened to 58-61HRC. The handle is made of curly maple and saturated with linseed oil. Before the blade on the handle made a comfortable stop to prevent sliding of the hand. The length of the handle is 170mm.Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools.
Made in Russia

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