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Workbench 1060*500 mm, with tray, front vise - HV515, side vise - HV582

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The dimensions of the workbench are 1060x500mm, the thickness of the board is 40mm. Strapping board 120mm high with dovetail connections. Front (front) vice and rear (longitudinal) vice are installed on the workbench. The front vise is made on the basis of a metal screw pair from York (Czech Republic), opening width - 225mm. The width of the movable jaw of the front vise is 350mm, the height is 110mm, and the thickness is 50mm. Longitudinal vise - sliding cracker. Made on the basis of a York screw with metal guides. This vice allows you to clamp workpieces not only for longitudinal planing, but also for sawing box spikes. Longitudinal vise stroke - 145mm. The jaw of the vise and the jaw of this model are straight, not decorated. To install the stops, a row of holes was drilled in the tabletop, 11 pieces, +2 hole was drilled in a cracker. In the strapping board on the working side, 3 horizontal holes for the stops are also drilled. Hole diameter - 19mm. At the back of the workbench there is a tray for small tools, tray depth - 35mm, width - 180mm, length - 980mm. To strengthen the pedestal between the legs, an additional upper pair of longitudinal crossbars is installed. The material of the workbench is a beech board, the pedestal and handles are solid beech. The worktop and the base are coated with Borma tung oil. The workbench must be installed on a flat horizontal surface to avoid warping and deformation of the workbench. The size of the pedestal is 1060x500x800mm, the section of the legs is 90x45mm. Workbench height - 850mm. The weight of the workbench is about 50kg. There are 2 configuration options available to order: a workbench with a pedestal and a separate workbench. Small changes may be made to the workbench design without affecting its quality. Bench stops are sold separately. All workbenches manufactured by Rubankov can be equipped with additional vertical vise and support board. The workbench can also be completed with a sub-bench for tools. Production - Rubankov workshop (Russia)

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Wooden jointer plane PETROGRAD, 65mm/600mm

Traditional wooden jointer. The plane is made of maple with brass insert for reliable fixation of the blade, the sole is made of hornbeam, the handle is made of paduk. Coating - tung oil and wax. The wedge is also made of maple. The installation angle of the knife is 50°. The blade is made of alloyed tool steel 9XC (DIN - 150Cr14) hardened to 59-61 HRC. Blade dimensions: length - 175 mm, width - 65 mm, knife thickness minimum 3.5 mm, maximum thickness - 4.8 mm. Sharpening angle 25° with microbevel 30°. Dimensions of jointer plane 600 * 90 * 175 mm.

All blades are wedge-shaped with a wedge angle of 0.5 degrees, which favorably distinguishes them from others, and are ideally suited for wooden planes with wedge fixation.
Blades have two sides - one is hard, the other is soft (production feature)
Absolutely every blade is tested with a hardness tester.
The solid side has 2 points from the diamond cone - the test, and the control test.

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the thickness and appearance of the knife without degrading the working qualities of the tool.

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Hold Down Clamp, PETROGRAD, type 1, for workbench top < 50mm

Clamp for quick fixing of workpieces. The clamp is hand forged. To use it, insert it into one of the holes for the stops in the workbench tabletop and press down the workpiece. Depth and height of workpiece clamping 120 mm. The diameter of the clamping rod is 16-17 mm. The size of the clamp is 290 x 200 mm. Material - steel.

Production - factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD.
Made in Russia

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Moxon vises, 380mm

Joinery vise, model Moxon, capture width - 380mm. (Dovetail vise, Moxon vise.)
A special version of the vise with two screws for convenient work with the edges and ends of the panels. Overall dimensions: 580x145x120. The thickness of the jaws is 45mm.
Maximum width of the workpiece to be clamped (distance between screws) 380mm.
Maximum workpiece thickness (screw travel) - 30mm
The vise was designed by Sergey Aleksandrovich Klein based on the early work of Anry Ruobo and Joseph Moxon.
We did not strive to make an exact copy of the vise, we set ourselves the task of making a functional and affordable tool for comfort when working with a dovetail joint. This vise does not replace the classic workbench, but is a device that expands the arsenal of any craftsman.
We reserve the right to make minor design changes to improve vise performance.

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Assistant for vertical wooden vice

The adjustable vertical bench stop allows you to expand the functionality of the bench. The stop serves to support the part when clamping with the main vise. The distance from the top of the workbench to the first hole is 190mm. The support is made of solid beech, covered with oil.
The support is installed on workbenches produced by the PETROGRAD factory

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Spoon knife, PETROGRAD, type 1, D 27mm, right-handed

Spoon knife  (or shallow hook knife) is used to made wooden spoon, as well as for other similar work. Spoon knife blade is cutting out a hollow in a wooden spoon or scoop. Spoon knife N1 has a ring profile of blade. That's making it perfectly choose for cut wooden spoons bowl. The right version of knife is designed to work with the right hand towards yourself or left hand to outside.

  • Knife blade width - 8 mm.
  • The inner radius of the blade - 15mm.
  • Spoon cutter length - 45 mm
  • Handle length - 130 mm
  • Total length of the spoon knife - 175 mm
  • Spoon knife blade made from tool steel (9ХС; 150Cr14, 90CrSi, 90CrSi5) and hardened up to 58-60HRC.
  • All hook cutters are sharpened and ready to go.
  • The outerside of the ring has a convex lens-like shape and perfectly polished. Thats allow you to cut wood cleanly and smoothly without scoring.
  • The handle of the hook knife is made of maple and coated with oil.

The right version of hook knife is designed to work with the right hand towards yourself, the left version - with the left hand towards yourself.
Made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

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Bench chisel PETROGRAD 12 mm

Bench chisel PETROGRAD. The length of the blade 120mm; width - 12mm. Overall length 250mm.These chisels have a classic design with blades that are bevel-edged to a narrow land on each side, providing excellent clearance when trimming into an angled corner such as in dovetail work, as well as reducing sidewall friction when working in a tight recess. Chisels are made focusing on the experience of old masters of woodworking. The blade is made of high-alloyed chrome-manganese steel and hardened to 60HRc. Comfortable hornbeam handle. The handle at the junction with the blade reinforced brass ring with leather gasket. 

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Picture framing glazier's hammer, PETROGRAD, model N2

Picture framing hammer or glazier's hammer is a hammer with rotating head for strike nails in frame of picture. Because of its 360 degree rotating triangle head it can be easily position on back of a picture frame and precise strike on nail by slide over surface.

  • hammer weight 180 grams
  • steel rotating triangle head
  • steel round head
  • full head lenght 70mm
  • round head diameter 15mm
  • triangle head diameter 22mm
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Carving adze PETROGRAD, model N4, 270mm/45mm

Wood carving adze model N4 by Petrograd toolworks was developed taking into account the wishes of artisans, as well as our experience in creating carpentry and carving tools. The carving adze is intended for chiseling the internal cavity when creating dishes (trough, broths, cups, bowls, plates, etc.), as well as for roughing the outer surfaces. Scope due to the size of adze.

  • hand forged
  • head made of 65G steel
  • sharpening angle - 30 deg
  • edge lenght - 45 mm
  • handle made of maple
  • comes with leather sheath
  • totall weight is 0.75 kg
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Leather fingertip for woodcarvers

Leather fingertip is a thumb guard for wood carvers by Petrograd toolworks. Designed to protect hands from sharp tools. Thumb guard protects your finger from cut injuries when you are moving the cutting tool towards thumb, and prevents the formation of calluses when working away from yourself. Watch pictures for more info.

  • made of 2mm leather
  • easy to use
  • save you from injures

Guard has a special ring that prevents it from slipping during operation. The thimble was made of 2mm soft leather, which provides good protection for the toe.

Thumb guard was made by Petrograd toolworks in Saint Petersburg Russia

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Cutting knife PETROGRAD, Swedish type, double bevel

Нож ремесленный ПЕТРОГРАДЪ, шведский тип, двусторонняя заточка. Хорошо справляются со многими задачами, от бытовых до охотничьих. Выполнен и . выполнен из стали низколегированной высокоуглеродистая инструментальной стали с закалкой до твердости 59-61 HRc.

Производство - фабрика столярных и плотницких инструментов 
Сделано в России


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Petrograd Brass Square 85mm, one-side marking

Elbow flat PETROGRAD, 85mm * 50mm. The square is one of the most used measuring tools in joinery. Ruler width 20 mm. Metric markings in 1 mm increments on the outside and inside. The error of the square is 0.05mm per 100mm. Used not only for checking 90 degree angles and marking, but also for setting up tools, saws and other tools. Material - brass. Engraved etched markings for easy reading.

Production of the PETROGRAD factory.

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Cabinet scraper PETROGRAD, 100*40*0.8mm

Designed for scraping wood. This is a simple yet highly effective tool. It allows you to process twisted areas of wood, leaving behind a perfectly smooth surface. Also ideal for removing old paintwork and adhesives. Unlike sandpaper, the rectangular scraper does not fill up the edges or clog the pores of the wood. After processing the cycles, finishing materials can be applied. Before using the cycle, it is necessary to align the planes and sharpen the ends, and then set the burr (burr). For burr aiming, we recommend using the special aiming Petrograd. The plate is made of carbon steel, 0.8 mm thick. The guide for the cycle is not included in the package.
Production of the factory of joinery and carpentry tools PETROGRAD

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Magazine Master&Workshop 2021 № 1 (11)

This is a periodical magazine about woodworking, craftsmen and workshops, about the news of the carpentry world. The best masters share their knowledge and experience with everyone. Illustrated specialized full-color magazine.

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Axe Anika, model Finn-500

Топор Аника, Фин 500, с чехлом. Это топоры для активных видов отдыха, охоты, рыбалки, различных плотницких работ. Топор, созданный по образцам знаменитых финских топоров. Сталь — ШХ15, полный цикл термообработки с зонной закалкой лезвия около 58HRC. Топор имеет ударный обух . Проушина-стакан глубиной — 95 мм. Лезвие зашлифовано.
Рукоять выполнена из ясеня, и покрыта тунговым маслом.

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